HOWTO: change in a minute

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To improve yourself little changes are enough (less than a minute each one). Richard Wiseman wrote about that in “59 seconds”. Below, ten points that italian Wired suggests:

  1. Buy happiness: money spent on concerts make you happier than those used to buy items
  2. Listen to more classical music: classical music relaxes you better
  3. Don’t waste the Sun: Sun and warm weather improve your memory
  4. Sit in the right way: who sits in the right way is more happier than who sits sprawled
  5. Take things easy: a continuos relaxed gait and a strong handshake improve your mood even in a bad moments
  6. Don’t fall in people’s traps: pay attention to people who offer you dark bargain.
  7. Smile more: if you use humor in stress situations you have 40% less to have a heart attack
  8. Use email better: 37% of people lie in phone call, 27% in conversation and only 14% in mail. Use it better
  9. Watch dogs to understand its owners: to understand a person ask him to talk about his dog
  10. Use the unconscious: In vital affair, use your unconscious, the answers are hidden into ourselves.

So? What do you think about these suggestions? Do you want add another one? Have you read “59 seconds”?

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