HOWTO: passing arguments to functions in Django Template

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Django doesn’t allow you because it goes against MVC model, but sometime it’s useful to get output (at view level) depending on specific arguments. For example in my model I have this method:

def get_value(self, arg_to_pass):
    if (arg_to_pass.is_type_A):
        return self.value_for_A
        return self.value_for_B

In your template you’ll type `` but you can’t pass argument. You can solve this issue with templatetags.
Create a templatetag like this below:

def callMethod(obj, methodName):  
    method = getattr(obj, methodName)
    if obj.__dict__.has_key("__callArg"):  
        ret = method(*obj.__callArg)  
        del obj.__callArg  
        return ret  
    return method()

def args(obj, arg):  
    if not obj.__dict__.has_key("__callArg"):  
        obj.__callArg = []
    obj.__callArg += [arg]  
    return obj

register.filter("call", callMethod)  
register.filter("args", args)

Ok, almost done. Now, in your template, call your method typying:

Job done! If you have any question, leave a comment! :)


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