Hello World

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Usually when someone (nerd) starts writing a new blog, he begins with an “Hello World”. I have this blog since January 2007 and I always have been writing in italian (my mother tongue).

Some time ago I decided to write in english and so now I do :) For me this post is like the first of a new blog!

Besides I also know spanish, hence you can find some useful post in this language. You can switch among languages using the menu on the right or putting “/it/” or “/es/” after the domain.. et voila, the site changes language! :P

Now I explain rapidly the structure and features of my site:

  • the domain ends with .it: yes, i’m Italian but “IT” stands also for Information Technology (like the motto says). In fact i’m going to write post about IT
  • I’m using WPML (WP multiple language) plugin to manage more languages. So there will be three feeds, one per language. Choose what you prefer!
  • all pages are translated by me, so they may have errors (surely they’ll have them).
  • some post (depends by the importance) i could translate in all three (or two) languages
  • in “Curriculum” there will be my CV translated in current language

So, this blog is an ESL (English as Second Language) blog and you (yes, right you!) could fix my errors, suggest or integrate HOWTOs and whatever you want.

For now, thanks for you patience and.. see you soon! :)

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